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Dynamic braking | PEC Components

Dynamic braking

In applications where a motor has to be run in a stop / start manner dynamic braking is used. When a motor is needs to be stopped, the power is disconnected from the windings but the rotor generally keeps spinning till all its kinetic energy is lost to friction. However, the motor acts as a generator at this time producing electricity. This can be dangerous to the drive electronics of the motor.

To help in quickly stopping the motor and to keep the drive electronics safe, when the motor has to be stopped, its fields windings are disconnected from the supply and the armature windings are connected to a dynamic braking resistor, the additional resistive load across the generator circuit causes the generator to resist rotation thus slowing down the motor. The braking resistor thus converts the kinetic energy of the motor into heat.

This is typically used in locomotives, Elevators, Escalators, Fork Lift trucks and other applications where large motors are used in a stop start manner.